January 3, 2010


“. . . What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.”
John 1:3, 4. (NRSV)

When I played hide and seek as a child, I was a spy who watched from the dark tool shed and heard all. My cousin Rosey announced, “Debbie always hides too good. She’s no fun. Let’s play something else.” Everyone raced away. I dashed from tool shed to yard light, popped up, flailed my arms, and hollered, “GOTCHA!”

As I think about that childhood game, my hunkering down in the dark left me separated from an outside world where others played. I captured bragging rights to the best hiding place, but to join the contagious world of lighthearted children, I had to emerge from the shed.

Light draws us toward life, community, and joy.

Darkness sometimes feels more compelling than light, and we’re tempted to resist community with God and others. That way, we don’t have to expose our own flaws or accept those of people around us. But the hard, good news of epiphany invites each person to step into the light that Christ’s life provides. Some of us stagger while others stroll; some falter while others stride; some totter while others dance. But it takes a decision to emerge, so the mysterious, holy work of light can arise and spread.

Dear God, grant us eyes to see your light shining through every crevice in this world. Challenge our minds and our spirits, so we can emerge into life and light. Amen

How am I being invited to walk toward joy and wholeness today?

Written by Deborah Jansen


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